The idea for this page actually came to me somewhere around 2007.  When it came to lunch time in the office no one could decide where to go and eat.  So, I quickly programmed a page to randomly pick a restaurant from a list entered.  We used the page on days we could not decide where to go.  Soon after programming the page I moved to a different state and worked completely from home.  So, I did not need to use the page because I was not going to lunch with my work buddies anymore.  Recently I changed my web server and did not copy over this page.  An ex work buddy quickly contacted me asking where the page went.  Like many good applications it ran faithfully with little to no maintenance.  I then copied the application over to the new server so people can keep using it.

This application is different from other lunch pick applications because you can customize your list of restaurants, customize your display, review your "picks", share your restaurants with friends, etc.

Hope you like this page.  Please feel free to contact me for any reason.  Thanks.

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